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The Most Expensive Cocktail in Asia

What do you get when you mix your favorite $2,000 liquor, a $400 wine topped with a Mouawad Diamond? You guessed it, "The Jewel of Pangaea."

You can find one of these bad boys at the Pangaea Club, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

What makes it the most expensive cocktail in Asia?

Let's find out!

1. A smoked Raw Sugar Cube

2. Smoked-infused Jerry Thomas bitters

2. Richard Hennessy Cognac Infused with 24 carat Gold Leaf Flakes - retail price - $2,851+

3. 1985 Vintage Krug Champaign - retail price - $463.99+
4. One Carat Mouawad Triple X Diamond - Holds three world records:

The Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Purse - $3.8 Million
The Very Sexy Fantasy Bra Center Piece - $11 Million
The Mouwad Splendor (Pear Cut) - 12.76 Million

5. A taste so precious... even your tastebuds will be blinged out!
Price for one "The Jewel of Pangaea" - S$32,000. In U.S. Dollars, $26,000. "The Jewel of Pangaea" is your favorite cocktail's favorite cocktail.
Don't believe it? Check it out on this promotion video. This drink will definitely raise your pinky up.

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Young Entrepreneurs (Part Four)

Can I possibly be expected to cover young, successful entrepreneurs without mentioning the infamous Mark Zuckerberg?  The man behind the multi-billion dollar site called Facebook? This is the story of the another man who made his dreams into a reality. This is the story behind Mark Zuckerberg...
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