Yoga clothes and running gear for sweaty workouts...

Yoga clothes and running gear for sweaty workouts...

Yoga clothes and running gear for sweaty workouts”: this is the motto for popular workout gear brand LuLuLemon. But what we’ve noticed here at VIP Club Scene is that these clothes go beyond “sweaty workouts” and have become a staple in our day-to-day fashion statements. Is it acceptable to wear workout gear outside of the gym and how can you wear these items without looking frumpy? I’ve got the answer for you!
It’s a simple fact that women do not like walking around wearing five-inch stilettos when running to the market to grab some groceries! However, I should also say that women, mostly those who are single and/or young mothers, also dislike looking like they have just woken up from a long night, when they are out shopping. Who wants to look slovenly in public? And I’m not talking about having a full-on make-up and hair done. I was brought up to always look ‘presentable.’ My grandmother always said to me, ‘you never know who you’re going to run into, so always be prepared. You might meet your future husband or even the President!’ Oh grandma, she was the wisest! So to help us wear these comfortable workout gear items, brands like LuLuLemon and even Nike have been working on workout gear thats actually cute! We no longer have to wear all black or bland sports bras--these come in all shapes, sizes and colors to make your workout gear stand out.
Here are some suggestions on items that you need in your new workout-to-day out wardrobe!

Colorful sports bras/t-shirts
We always want to add color to an outfit--it not only brings out your personality but also gets you noticed! Find sports bras that hit the waste band of your pants or a little below. This will prevent the constant tug of war we always seem to have when our top rides over our hips. You can also get some really cute lightweight yoga shirts that are super comfy. These come in different washes and with different necklines. Get what is most comfortable to you and make sure you have variety!

Yoga pant
Whether they are capris or full length pants, yoga pants are extremely comfortable and form fitting--that is the reason why they do not look sloppy! When you wear pants that hug your curves, it is not only complimenting your body but has a well-kept look. Black is always slimming! You can also find yoga pants that have piping in different colors. Mix and match your sports bras, t-shirts and pants so that you get a fun little outfit!

Tennis shoes
Tennis shoes are no longer the ugly New Balances of the 80s. They come in so many different colors and shapes that you can pick out the ones you like best. If you are looking for lightweight shoes, you have options offered by companies from Nike to Puma. And don’t forget that the shoes you already have will definitely work too!

By: Reyzel

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