UFC Fight Night 146: Lewis vs. Dos Santos

UFC Fight Night 146: Lewis vs. Dos Santos

One of the most highly anticipated fights has finally arrived—Lewis versus Dos Santos. You can practically hear the drums beat at the mention of this battle of brawn, and for good reason! These fighters are among the best in the UFC. We have all heard of them but who are these fighters?

Derrick Lewis is one of the heavy weight fighters in UFC making a lot of noise by taking out oponent after oponent. At thirty-four years old, you might think he’s a wild card. But then you look at his stats and it’s a staggering list of wins and is currently ranked at the top of the heavyweight fighters. Nicknamed “The Black Beast” Lewis, the guy also has a record-breaking reach at 79 inches! This New Orleans native specializes in kickboxing, though you may also say that he specializes in avoiding takedowns. He may sound like an underdog but this beast is definitely a worthy opponent!

Junior Dos Santos is a big mound of muscle that mixes grappling with a strong punch to take down his opponent. He is the former UFC heavyweight champion of the world. Junior has proven time and time again that he is a beast in the ring! And Dos Santos has a lot to gain from winning this fight—including the title he covets…

The fight over the UFC heavyweights this Saturday is sure to be an entertaining one! The two seem evenly matched but, as with most fights, it will be the fighter who wants the title most who comes out on top.

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