Top Drinks to Order at the Club

Top Drinks to Order at the Club

Hey VIP Club Scene Magazine readers! The weekend is so close we can smell it! Are you ready to get your party on tonight? We definitely are and are looking forward to pulling up to the club ready to turn all the way up with the lights down. If you have ever been put on the spot where the bartender comes up to you and asks you what you want to drink, but you don’t know what to order. Here are some typical drinks you can order at the bar, in case you ever struggle to picks something. The Martini is a classic, yet classy drink. It is made with gin and vermouth and garnished with olives. The Manhattan is also another classic, made with Bourbon, vermouth and bitters. A Long Island iced tea is a mix of vodka, rum, gin, triple sec, tequila and coke. The classic Margarita is made up of tequila, fresh squeezed lime juice, triple sec, a little salt on the rim and garnished with a lime wheel. We hope you enjoy your drinks and your weekend VIP’s!

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