Titles in Relationships

Titles in Relationships

Titles in relationships. This is something that is confusing to most people. Are we talking, dating, exclusive? Many people don’t even know their title unless they have had a talk about it with the other person. Of course everyone has his or her own opinion on what it means to date someone or how you should act if you are someone’s boyfriend or girlfriend. I’m here to give you my opinion on the subject and tell you from personal experience what I think the stages are in a relationship.


The first stage and the most awkward of them all is “talking.” This is the stage where you are just getting to know the person. Your definitely not fully comfortable with them and you might only hang out with them occasionally. This is when you have probably only known the person for a maximum of a month and your main form of contact is flirty text messages and the occasional phone call goodnight. In this stage you my even be “talking” to multiple people. You are not fully exclusive to this person. You have been on a couple of dates with this person but you are still trying to feel them out and when you hang out it is usually in a group of people rather than one on one.


The next stage after “talking” is “dating.” Don’t confuse dating with actual boyfriend and girlfriend status. Again, you may be talking to other people at this stage, but you are starting to get rid of your weekend booty calls and be more serious about this person. This is the point in the relationship where you are spending a lot of time together. You have known the person for a little over a month or two and you are obsessed with them. You go on dates, you spend the night at eachother’s houses and both of your groups of friends know about the other person. Only thing is, you haven’t had the official talk. Everyone knows you are basically together (boyfriend/girlfriend status), but you haven’t mentioned it in a conversation. All you know is you spend a lot of time with this person and you like them a lot!


Last stage of course is being some one’s boyfriend or girlfriend. Now we should all know what this means. You are exclusive with that person, you refer to them and introduce them to others as your BF or GF. You are now an official couple! The “dating” stage takes a while to wear off and usually the boyfriend and girlfriend will be in that obsessive stage for a while, but there is nothing wrong with that.


Now, not everyone follows these stages I have written up for you, and that’s okay. Some people only “talk” to people, while other jump into serious relationships right away. Whatever your choice may be, I hope this blog helps you if you were getting confused on your title. Don’t stress, if you haven’t had a talk about any of this and things are going great, don’t bother. You don’t want to ruin an awesome thing by slapping a title on your relationship.

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