Tips For Traveling On A Budget

Tips For Traveling On A Budget

I am going to give you some travel tips that have helped me make sure that I had the cheapest travel experience possible in Europe! I love travel and I hope these tips this will make sure that people can travel no matter what budget they are on!

Today I will talk about the little things. It is these little things that usually are the difference between saving money and wasting it!

1) Plan for the worst! I have had countless friends only bring a certain amount of money on a trip and they end up spending way more. If you know ahead that you are going to spend more than you plan, than you will not be caught off guard. Know that when traveling there are always hidden expenses will save you stress and will help you be on guard!

2) Location is everything. Depending on where you go in Europe will affect your wallet. If you go to United Kingdom that will be the most expensive for American travelers. For years the British Pound has been doing well against the American dollar.

The second most expensive places in Europe for American travelers are any country that is on the Euro. In recent times, the Euro has gone down in value but it still can be expensive.

If you want a really cheap vacation in Europe, than I would highly recommend Eastern Europe. Most of the countries are not on the Euro and since they are not major tourist attraction, the prices in the cities are very cheap. These are hidden gems that most of the world hasn’t experience yet. I love Eastern Europe and I believe that everyone should visit!

3) Watch what you drink. For many, vacation time is the chance to relax and indulge. Many indulge in their favorite alcoholic drink. Though this may be relaxing, it will also cost you. Instead of having a drink with lunch and dinner, try to limit it to just one meal. This will save you money that you can spend on other things while you travel.

4) Public Transportation is the cheapest. If you need to get somewhere, look into the public transportation system of the city. Cabs are great and all, but they can be very expensive. Using public transportation when possible will save you money! 

5) Food is a necessary evil. I love food, but my wallet doesn’t. One of the main things that you will spend your money on is food. But how can you save money while eating?

Take advantage of free. Depending on the place you are staying at, they might offer free breakfast. If they do, have breakfast there and you can also take some toast for a snack later. This is at least one meal that can be taken care of.

Look for cheap places. If you look around you, you will probably be able to find some small sandwich shop or a convenient store to get a simple sandwich and other things to eat. My sister and I lived off these cheap sandwiches when we traveled the United Kingdom this past fall. Many countries in Europe will have a Tesco’s. When my sister and I were in London they had a lunch deal:  for a couple of Pounds you could get a sandwich, some chips and a drink. This saved us a lot of money in the long run!

These are just some simple things to do when you are traveling to save some money on the go. The best advice is to plan ahead! Tomorrow I will talk about how you can research and plan ahead in order to save money on travel!


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