The sexiest thing a woman could EVER wear

The sexiest thing a woman could EVER wear

You are staring at your closet, mentally pairing a top with a pant, with another top, with a skirt. But everything just seems blah. You've worn that outfit too many times, you feel like a frump in those jeans. You just want feel sexy tonight but you dont have a wardrobe to match!

Well the next time you go shopping, make sure this is in your bag before you leave: a sexy red dress. Studies show that it isnt the little black dress that attracts so much male attention anymore but the color red. It shows that a woman is confident but it also has that touch of forbidden fire. Men tend to connect red with sex: red thongs, spicy red nails, big red lips. So when you are feeling ultra sexy and want a look that reflects it, pull out that sexy red dress.

But there are some limitations to this sexy get-up. If you show too much you might very well look like a stripper. If you are showing a lot of cleavage, balance it out with a longer hemline. If you are showing a lot of leg, the top should be a smidge on the conservative side. And the sexiest thing you will ever flaunt (and its absolutely perfect if you are insecure about your body shape) is your back. No matter what shape or size you are, showing off your back is always sexy!

Another limitation is what you wear with it. Tone down your make up! Do a subtle smokey eye in mauves and a nude lip. Wear a pair of black or even nude heels so that the dress is the emphasis. Try and avoid metallic shoes as, when mixed with red, it looks gaudy, cheesy and sometimes trashy. Lastly, remember to balance out your accessories. If you are wearing long earrings, forgo a necklace and wear a gorgeous bracelet.

You are already like a matador's cape being chased by bulls, you dont need to over do it!


Now andele! Vamanos!

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