The Infamous Group of Three

The Infamous Group of Three

There is always this theory that every attractive female has a chubby friend, an ugly friend, or both. In movies we see this group of three girls going out to the bar. One is gorgeous and all the guys want her, one is overweight, and one is downright ugly. As for guy groups, there is always the loud obnoxious over the top one, the “Rico-suave” smooth talker, and the awkward shy one against the wall playing Tetris on his flip phone. In media these stereotypes are played up to the extreme leaving some to think that this odd combination of people truly exists. Well it does, to some degree.


Girls, think about when you go out with a group of friends, just the three of you. There is always someone in the group that gets hit on the most that night with men throwing themselves at them, the other person maybe gets one drink bought for them, and the other one is left with the cold shoulder from the guy that the “hot” one for the night is talking to. Of course all situations and places that you go to are different, but there is always some sort of separation between the people you go out with.


Guys, your turn. When you are out at the bar do you ever find yourself trying to force and egg on your other friend to go hit on a girl? If you answered yes, you are the loud and obnoxious stereotype. Your friend that you are trying to force to go talk to a girl is the awkward and shy one. If you are talking to multiple women all night and paying no mind to your friends, you are the smooth talker. Once again, there are varying situations, but there is always some categorized way of looking at the group.


The way other people perceive a person can be different than the way the person perceives himself or herself. For example, if someone says that their group doesn’t have an ugly one or a fat one and everyone is equally attractive, take specific events into consideration. That one night where no one hit on you and you were on your phone most of the night. Well, you were the overweight awkward one. But this view can change, some nights you are hot, some you are not. The stereotype of the group of three can be extreme, but in some (kind of depressing) situations, it can be right on the nose.

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