Shopping for men

Shopping for men

Today, I spent a good hour searching for male models for the upcoming photo shoot. I went through hundreds of pages, looking at their portfolios and tried to figure out their personalities from their information and the choice of photo shoots they had made. Some made me wince as I surfed through picture after picture of boys in banana hammocks aka speedos (not a fan) and some were just plain odd. Not to say there is anything wrong with that, there's a time and place for everything.

But for my purposes, I needed a manly man. A man that women could adore while men could also look up to and say, "yeah he's a cool dude, he looks like the kind of guy that I could play basketball with." I found a few men (phew! i found some hotties!) and even texted my friend saying how much I enjoyed shopping for men today.

"I wish shopping for boyfriends was this easy!" I texted him.

"Why shouldnt it be that easy?" he replied.

Why, indeed. If only there was a website where I could type in "??? ???? look-alike" (think ??? ???? role not ??? ????) and put my requirements of: sense of humor, intelligent, patient...but there really isnt such a thing is there? Yeah, yeah these online dating sites are supposed to narrow down your preferences to your exact specifications and voila! There's prince charming.

Well from doing research for my "Online Dating v The Club Scene" article, I found that, unfortunately, the pool of online daters leaves much to be desired. Statistics show that the majority of the men on the sites have not even made it through high school.

As a recent college graduate (yay me!) I must say, if this is what I have to work with, my standards are too high. There have been the random man here and there that has sparked my fancy but nothing too serious. I have been single for almost a year now and I'm thinking its time for a new man in my life.

But I have one requirement that seems to consistently allude me: butterflies. I cannot find a man who gives me that fluttery, nervous/excited/jittery feeling that constricts my lungs and makes my heart sing to Black Eyed Peas (if you didnt get the reference it goes "Boom, boom, boom").

So I have finally come to the point where searching for men is a lot more difficult than sifting through models on a model website. Its difficult to go out and expect to find someone just to be disappointed. Its time to enjoy the single status and go all out with my girlfriends.

Because they say love finds you when you least expect it...

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