Sexiest Beach in the World

Sexiest Beach in the World

Ipanema, Rio was voted the sexiest beach in the world, and for good reason. Along the coast of this skyrise tourist city, the sapphire waves come crashing to powdered sand. The sexiest patrons come to visit the coast and even sexier, barely-there bikinis are a must. The twin peaks of the towering moutnain shadows the beach, but the mood of beach-goers is always lively. Beach volleyball is the main attraction and the competition gets heated.

As the sun sets aover this spectacular beach, the skyscrapers turn on their blinking lights--an amazing light show mirage that casts bright shadows across the cool sand and reflective waters of the Ipanema Beach.

This is the beach to luxuriate in the richness of this oceanic oasis. Bask in the heat of the sun, the coolness of the ocean, and the sexiest patrons alive. Because at Ipanema, Rio, you are bound to come across the most beautiful people in the world--at what is considered the sexiest beach in the world.

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