Sex Kitten Bombshells.

Sex Kitten Bombshells.

We all tend to place things into categories—vegetables and fruits, hot or not, etc. Apparently, it’s just how the human brain works. So is it degrading that men tend to categorize women or is it just a fact of life?

A lot of my guy friends label women: there’s the cute, hot, and “super” cute kind of girl. A cute girl is one that is pleasing to look upon, who is the sweet, girl next door. She is the girl a man will take home to mamma and have a long term relationship. Then there are girls that are hot. They are the ones that tend to turn heads at the bar, they are sex kitten bombshells. They are the ones guys drool over. And then there are “super cutes” which tends to be a California trend. They are the girls with perfect complexions as if they’ve been airbrushed. They look just like Barbie dolls and tend to act that way as well.

I am one of the girls who has been labeled “cute”. It was nice for a while, you know, being the reliable person who guys want to get serious with. But with most nice things, it got tiring. Bunny rabbits are cute. Babies are cute. I’m a twenty-three year old woman and being compared to a baby or bunny rabbit is not exactly the category I want to be lumped into.

But then there’s those girls who are totally hot and have the Megan Fox look perfected. They are tired of being the girls that get taken home for the night but never quite make it to girlfriend status. And they usually aren’t the ones that get introduced to family or friends.

Can there be movement within these groups? I say go for it! It tends to be about attitude. If you are a cutie patooti who wants to be a sexy siren, go out and buy a sexy red dress. Be the go-getter in every aspect of your life—including love. Be dangerous and take chances you were too reliable to take before.

And as for you hottie patottis, you need to change the way you think. Be more selective in the attention you give, be more cautious and authentic. Not that you weren’t acting that way before. But while it is half attitude, it is also about the company that you keep. And when you surround yourself with inauthentic people, you get lumped in. You are smart enough to know if a guy is interested in you, or if he is interested in a one night stand. Instead of playing the sex card, play the serious card. Convey to him that you are more than just looks.

We have to accept that being labeled and categorized like a grocery store produce section is a fact of life. But it is time to liberate yourself and be who you want to be. Because you are the only person who can control destiny.


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