Pool Parties: Leave the Floaties at Home!

Pool Parties: Leave the Floaties at Home!

Waking up hung over on vacation and all you want to do is lay by the pool and have a drink to cure your urge of vomiting. Might as well keep the party going from the night before! All you need is a pair of heel (for the ladies), a sexy swimsuit or trunks, tanning oil, and an attitude that says “I’m ready to get drunk and dance in a pool at 2PM!” You will find these adult pool parties at any hot spot in Las Vegas, Miami, Los Angeles and anywhere that has nice enough weather and accommodations to handle loud music, hot people and a mass amount of liquor.



Over 4,000 people will attend each pool party on Memorial Day Weekend, and everyone is there. I mean everyone. Celebrities, world class DJ’s, weekend travelers, big spenders, and everything in between. This is a must if you are even considering going to Vegas.

At these parties you can expect beautiful people, tasty drinks, and some of the best dance music you have heard in your life. As a side note boys, remember, these girls didn’t get all dolled up to just stand there and look hot! Buy them a drink and invite them to the dance floor or your private cabana, if you got it like that. From there forward who knows what could happen, but then again who cares, it’s a party, every one is there in good fun. This last line is specifically for the caged animals. Remember, “Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!” So let loose!

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