Love In The Club

Love In The Club

Well you’re looking in the wrong place...

It's a mistake most tend to make and I hate to say it but it’s usually females who walk in a club hoping to find their Mr. Right. Sorry to break it to you but must likely you’re only going to find Mr. Right Now. Guys are only looking to see who they can take home at the end of the night and if he does get you’re number it’s only for a future booty call.
I see it too often; women get all dolled up every weekend to head out to a bar or club hoping to catch someone’s eye. When I see those types of girls I automatically assume they are desperate to find love. Clubs aren’t meant for people to make a love connection. They were created for people to have a good time; drink, dance and socialize. Sure you two may be on the dance floor getting nice and close while he whispers sweet nothings in your ear but trust me you aren’t the only girl he’s doing it to. Take a step back and you’ll see that he’ll be talking to at least three more women after you.

The best thing to do in a club setting is let him buy you a few drinks, tell him thank you, and don’t get caught up in a drawn out conversation. He doesn’t really want to know your life story and I’m sure you don’t want to tell it over loud music and drunken sweaty people. If it was meant for you to be with this guy fate will bring the two of you together and it won’t be at a club.
Now I won’t say it’s impossible to find love in a club but from my personal experience I would go against it especially for someone who’s in their twenties. After all the drinking guys rarely call that number they got last night. If you still want to try going out looking for love try a smaller setting like a lounge. Or you can stick to the quote, “don’t go looking for love, let love find you.” I say this because when you go looking you usually end up with Mr. Wrong.

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