London Calling

London Calling

One of my favorite cities that I have visited multiple times. It is London and I thought it was appropriate to talk about London since many people will probably be travelling there this summer.

One of the main reasons I love London so much is because it is rich in history! But, this richness of history also translates to the riches needed to visit the city.

London is a very expensive city to visit. With London being located in the United Kingdom, it uses the British Pound for currency and that is never good news for American travelers. Luckily, I have been there a couple of times and have managed to figure out the best ways to keep the vacation cheap and the best ways to explore and experience the city.

1. Where to stay? Like I have discussed earlier this week, deciding where to stay in a city can be challenging.  The ideal location would be to be centrally located, but in London, this can be very expensive. If you are able to find a place to stay for a good price, I would take it!

But that can prove to be very difficult to do, so you will probably end up staying a little outside of the city center. This is where I have stayed the times that I have visited London. My sister and I stayed in a hostel in Victoria area of London. This was a nice location. The area felt safe and there were things to do to keep us entertain. Our hostel was near a metro and a train stop, so getting around the city was very easy.

After a couple of nights my sister and I moved to Kensington area and we loved this area! If you are looking for areas to stay in London, begin and stop your search with Kensington. It is such a nice place to stay! There were places to shop and to eat in a short distance from each other.  It was also near Hyde Park, which is a famous and a beautiful park to explore!  They have a memorial fountain to Princess Diana in the park.

Near the park are some museums to check out.

2. Public Transportation. Relying on public transportation in a foreign country is always an experience.  I would say that London has a good public transportation system.  To get around the city you can take either bus or the underground (metro). To be honest, I have never taken a bus in London, so I will just be talking about the underground.

The underground makes exploring London very easy. The city is divided up into different zones, like Zone 1, 2 and 3. Depending on where you are going it is going to influence your ticket price. My sister and I discovered that if you purchase an Oyster Card, you get a small discount on your tickets. Also, depending on what times you travel, your ticket will be cheaper.  Once you purchase the card, you can just swipe it and it will save you time as oppose to waiting in line to get a ticket each time.  If you are going to use the underground as your main mode of transportation, I would recommend that you invest in the Oyster Card. Once you are done with your travels in London, you can return the card and get your deposit back and any remaining balance on your card.

3. How to see the city. I am a huge fan of tours. I love getting information from someone who knows what is going on.  In London my sister and I went on a Sandeman’s Tour, which I talked about earlier this week. The tour was free and it showed us the main sights of the city.

With the same company, my sister and I went on a tour that highlighted the dark history of London. Though it was with the same company, this tour was not free, but it was totally worth it! Our guide took us on the sights of the Jack the Ripper murders. It was around two and a half hours and it went all over London. My sister and I loved it and I would highly recommend that people go on a Sandeman’s Tour. Not only are they cheap and a great way to explore a city, at the end of the tour the guide gives you the option of going to a local pub or restaurant. This is a great way to try some local delights.

I really hope that my travel stories and my travel advice that I have given to you while writing for VIP Club Scene have been helpful and encourages you to explore the great world!  Who knows, maybe I will see you out there! 

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