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Fun and Flirty End of Summer Cocktails

Labor Day weekend is officially the last weekend to enjoy all that is summer. School begins, the weather becomes cooler and we begin to seek that cozy feeling that comes with winter. So to help you enjoy your last week of summer, I have found some less known cocktails that will bring that summer zing to your night time experience. These drinks have that sexy summer flavor and bring back all the amazing memories you have made. Ask your bartender for one of these cocktails so you can kick back and enjoy what is left of this gorgeous summer.
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Having "The Talk" in a Relationship.

How do you know when you are supposed to have “the talk” in a relationship? When I say “the talk” I’m referring to the discussion about being boyfriend and girlfriend. This blog is going to be uncomfortable for a few people, because to tell you the truth, every relationship is different and there is no exact specific time and place where this talk should happen. But I can suggest a few things on whether it should even take place at all.
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