independent woman (1)

Independent Woman

My friend and I go on hikes every other day during the week. Its a chance to unwind after a long work day and catch up on each other's lives. Last monday we started talking about our love lives. She continues to wallow away her days in "its complicated's" while I continue on my never ending search for perfection. "You are so picky!" my friends always tell me, "Your standards are way too high!" Granted I refuse to kiss the toads to find my prince but I'm not exactly shooting for Colin Farrell here. I know what I want: a handsome, generous and honest man who knows how to treat a woman. His income is negotiable (I dont want my man making his living through "Do you want fries with that?"). His interests are key: if I were to type in an advertisement on Craigs List it would say, "Must love sports, animals,and cuddling." You would think this is easy to find...absolutely not.
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