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How to Flirt With Me

At this point in my few months writing for VIP Club Scene, I have written about a wide range of topics from UFC fights to reviews on nightclubs to gambling addictions. Today I want to take a more personal approach. I find it easier to write about things that happen in my life, and to share stories of personal experiences. With that being said I am going to tell you, guys, how to flirt with me. Okay, not to get too ahead of ourselves, I won’t be giving my number out at the end of this blog, but I want to share what works and doesn’t work when it comes to flirting with a girl.
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It can hard out there for a player even if you're Will Smith in the Cayman Islands there's no guarantee you will manage to impress your date. Will Smith tries his best to impress the Artificial Intelligence; Sophia but with no luck as she awkwardly shrugs him off then pushes him down a metaphorical staircase into the friend zone. Things were going well for Smith at first when they were getting to know each other but it all went downhill fast once Sophia mentions iRobot the movie in which Smith's character kills dozens of robots on screen.  

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