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Who bit Beyonce!?

December 22, 2017 Beyonce gets bit by an unknown actress at a party. An incident that has reporters, celebrities, and twitter personalities in a frenzy trying to figure out who the culprit is. Since the assasination of JFK there has never been a mystery so intrueging and shocking as what is now refered to as BITE GATE! Tiffany Haddish tweeted out the story but leaving out the most important detail; who actually did it. Entertainment news has done some more digging and managed to elininate some suspects in the process.

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Lingerie in Public: A Trend

There is so much controversy on people wearing clothes meant for sleeping out in the streets. It’s 2018 and Lingerie has officially made its way into Nightlife outfits. 

These trendy outfits are great because you can just get home and fall asleep in them. Lacey bralettes and dainty accessories are a major trend right now. Celebrities everywhere have been spotted rocking outfits that reveal a little more than usual. Recently Jersey Shore had their premier where Snooki was caught in a pink silky romper. We love this trend. 

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