Is Money Really "The Root of All Evil?"

Is Money Really "The Root of All Evil?"

It has been said and quoted from the Bible that “money is the root of all kinds of evil.” Even if you are not a religious person, you have probably still heard this saying/ quote at one time or another. Is it true? Does obtaining large amounts of money really lead people to become evil, or is it just a myth?


We have seen instances in media, entertainment and possibly even in our own lives where money has seemed to change people. For example, there is an entire show on T.V. dedicated to telling stories of how the lottery “ruined” people’s lives. Once they obtained all of this money out of the blue, they changed as a person. On few instances people used their money for charity and giving back to their community, family, and friends, but in most cases the millions of dollars that they received turned them into greedy monsters. They became so focused on spending the money on themselves that they even became stingy with their money when their significant others asked for a helping hand in their own money struggle.


We don’t only see this kind of behavior when a person wins the lottery, but it is also very common to witness this sense of greed when some one becomes famous. Some one that comes from nothing and rises to the top as a celebrity entertainer (ex: actress, model, singer, dancer) has also been known to act in this “evil” way. They will stop at nothing to gain more money and fame and they leave their friends and family in the dust on their selfish trail to stardom and wealth.


There is also another side to the coin though. There are instances when one person gains a large amount of money and they stay living with their normal life and attitude, but the people around them become money hungry.
People will only become their friends for a “free ride” and ask the person for money and favors knowing that the person with the money is humble and nice enough to not say no. Some people that have wealth get walked all over and think they have friends when they are really just being used. Once the money runs out the friends disappear.


These are examples of instances that happen everyday, but they don’t happen to everyone that has money. In my opinion, it isn’t that having a large amount of money is necessarily a bad thing; it is the worship of the money. By that I mean, the money starts to control the person’s life instead of them controlling it. Everything the person does or says has to do with money. Every conversation they have with others is about money. It becomes obsessive. They are in love with money above everything else; this is where the “evil” role of money takes place. Having money is not a bad thing, but it can change people! Using money carefully and spending it wisely is the way to go. If a person wants to splurge every once in a while, more power to them. But if the money becomes their only focus in life and even their attitude and perspective on things drastically changes then they may have stumbled upon “the root of all evil.”

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