Is everything really hotter when the sun goes down?

Is everything really hotter when the sun goes down?

While one catch-all word to encompass the world of partying is "nightlife," I don't think that's all nightlife is about. Party culture includes more than just night owls. There is something to be said about the liberating luxury of day parties, so this is my testament to that!


Don't get me wrong. I am in love with those nights I get to slip on a fitted dress and some bold platforms and walk into a club confidently surrounded by a group of fun girls. Going to nightclubs is an incredible experience involving all your senses. The lights capture your eyes, the sounds make your heart beat faster and the variety of life is overwhelming in the best way. But the experience, while amazing, is predictable.


Predictable isn't bad when you want to know what to expect, especially when you can always expect a grand time! But something about the wild raunchiness of day parties makes them unpredictable. And that is exhilarating. Day parties are like an adult celebration full of lively people with childlike hearts. Anything goes at a day party. Shots of tequila at 10 am? Sure! A DJ spraying champagne all over the pool deck? Bring it on. Grown ass people in ninja costumes? Wish I thought of that!


Day drinking allows the professionals to indulge and be reckless but still have no trouble waking up and getting to work the next day. It takes a lot of skill to be a day party goer. You have to know exactly what you can handle in order to rally with the rest of them at night.


Don't limit your nightlife to after hours. Take it all in because it is just as wild under the sun than it is under the moon.

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