How to Survive the Summer Heat in Las Vegas

When you step out of the McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas during the summer, the desert heat immediately engulfs your entire body. A slight breeze won’t necessarily help either because it’s also hot. You know that heat that you feel on your face when you open your oven? It’s like that, but all over your body. With so much partying going on, it’s easy to forget that Las Vegas is in the Mojave Desert, but it’s important to prepare. So, here are a few tips to survive its summer heat.

  1. Stay hydrated. Las Vegas is a judgement-free zone when it comes to drinking alcohol. Drinking is acceptable with breakfast, lunch, dinner, while you’re at the pool, while you’re walking the Strip, while you’re gambling, while you’re doing pretty much anything. Desert heat + lots of alcohol = dehydration. It’s important to drink plenty of water. An easy way to do so is to head over to the CVS or Walgreens on the Strip and buy a gallon (or two) of water. Keep it in your hotel room, so that it’s easily accessible. It also saves you some money because everything is going to be pricier inside the hotels.
  2. Protect your skin. Did I mention that it easily gets to be over 100 degrees during the summer? You’ll most likely do a lot of walking, so make sure to slather on the sunblock with an SPF of 30 or higher. Remember to re-apply every 2 hours or so. You can buy some at CVS or Walgreens to save some money. Even if you’re looking to get tan, you should still protect your skin. The desert sun is no joke, guys.
  3. Cut through the hotels. Speaking of protecting your skin from the sun, take a break from the outside and go inside the hotels when you can. A big part of the Las Vegas experience is going inside the hotels. They all have their own themes, shops, restaurants, casinos, and entertainment to offer. As you’re walking down the Strip, cool off by checking out the air-conditioned hotels.
  4. Bring appropriate clothing. I saw a few men walking around in suits when it was over 100 degrees (which, to be clear, is pretty much every single day during the summer) this past weekend. Maybe they were working?? Most nightclubs have a strict dress code, but you don’t have to wear a suit all day if you’re just going to be exploring casually. Try to find an outfit that will be dressed up, but will keep you cool. I wore a thin cardigan on top of my tank top because I didn’t want to be too “naked” but I quickly regretted it and took it off anyway.
  5. Protect your eyeballs. A pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes is a must because, again, that sun is no joke. Try to get a pair that will offer UV protection.
  6. Protect your face by bringing a hat. Now is the time to show off that one hat that you bought that one time because you swore you could pull it off, but ended up not wearing because it turned out to be a little too much. You know which one I’m talking about. Yeah, bring that one.
  7. Bring your setting spray. This one is for the makeup lovers. It’s Vegas and you want to look cute, but that’s not going to happen if your face melts off. And here’s a tip: fan your face in between each layer of spray for maximum snatchedness...snatchiness...? Just don’t forget your setting spray!
  8. Bring deodorant. It’s not a joke. Even the people who “don’t sweat” (liars) end up sweating, so don’t forget your deodorant.
  9. On a related note, bring some anti-chafing stuff. I’ve never had a thigh gap. I most likely never will, but I’m perfectly fine with it. Also, I did survive the day without any chafing, but I could tell I was cutting it real close. Maybe I won’t be so lucky next time, which is why I’m putting it on my list from now on and you should too if this is a concern of yours. There are several types of shorts and anti-chafing products out there, so find one that works for you.
  10. Last, but not least, indulge in some frozen treats. Las Vegas has a lot of yummy frozen desserts to try. A couple of popular spots are Sticks and Shakes and Blvd Creamery, but there are lots more! 
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