How to Flirt With Me

How to Flirt With Me

At this point in my few months writing for VIP Club Scene, I have written about a wide range of topics from UFC fights to reviews on nightclubs to gambling addictions. Today I want to take a more personal approach. I find it easier to write about things that happen in my life, and to share stories of personal experiences. With that being said I am going to tell you, guys, how to flirt with me. Okay, not to get too ahead of ourselves, I won’t be giving my number out at the end of this blog, but I want to share what works and doesn’t work when it comes to flirting with a girl.


To foreworn you, the ways that I suggest you approach me and other women might not work for everyone. All girls are different. But for ladies like me that are outgoing, not shy, love to flirt, and don’t have a specific type of guy they go for (situations vary), these ways to flirt should work out most of the time.


When I go out to the bar or to a party, my main goal isn’t to go home with a guy or exchange phone numbers, but I definitely like to flirt, talk, and maybe get a free drink. Side note for the ladies: NEVER ask a guy to buy you a drink, it’s tacky, and usually you won’t get a good response. You will come off as being controlling and weird. I know it’s just a drink, but trust me I’ve seen situations turn sour once the girl gets her liquid courage and starts forcing the guy to get her anything she wants before they even really know each other. Anyways, back to flirting.

I always scope out the crowd, whether I’m looking for a guy to talk to or not. Guys, you should scope out the scene too. One cue that a lot of guys miss for flirting is if I see you from across the bar and make extended eye contact. If you see a girl staring at you, look back at her! If you get a smile or a wave, go over and talk to her. Most of the time, we won’t go over to you unless we are feeling brave or think you are gorgeous and can’t miss the opportunity to meet you.


Once you go up to a girl and approach her, please don’t use a pick up line, and a cheesy one at that. Just say hi. Majority of the time I will start a conversation with a guy if they come up, say hi, and give a small compliment in a non-sexual way (meaning don’t compliment me on my breasts or butt.) Leave all the sexual talk for when you get to know each other better. A guy doesn’t have to buy me a drink to keep my attention, but I’m not going to lie, it helps. Just don’t order the drink for the girl because, no offense, 8 out of 10 times it comes back wrong. Get the bartenders attention, then point to me so I can tell them what I would like, simple as that.


I know this sounds cliché, but be yourself. I’d rather have a guy talking to me that’s a little bit awkward, but hilarious, than some one who is putting up a front acting like they are the best thing I’m going to run into all night. Be confident, but NOT cocky. Good conversation leads to phone number exchanging. We don’t have to be talking for hours on end, but if you make me genuinely laugh and we can have funny banter back and forth, you should ask for my number. For me it’s not all about the looks, I honestly go more for personality. I mean, it does help if you are hot and also a goofball, but it’s all about being able to have easy conversation and taking chances when you meet someone new. Flirting and approaching a girl may be easier than you think. We won’t bite your head off and tell you to get away from us, unless you are rude or cocky. Just be funny, witty, and confident and you will be successful at flirting with me.

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