Having "The Talk" in a Relationship.

Having "The Talk" in a Relationship.

How do you know when you are supposed to have “the talk” in a relationship? When I say “the talk” I’m referring to the discussion about being boyfriend and girlfriend. This blog is going to be uncomfortable for a few people, because to tell you the truth, every relationship is different and there is no exact specific time and place where this talk should happen. But I can suggest a few things on whether it should even take place at all.


Some people start dating because they want to be in a committed, monogamous relationship. Others date to have fun and talk to multiple people at a time. Depending on your relationship and feelings about the other person you may or may not want to take it to the next level with them.


From personal experience, “the talk” has turned a relationship sour more than half the time. Being that most of my relationships were laid back and easy going, I did not want to ruin anything with a serious talk. If you are dating some one and everything is going great, you are having a good time, you know they like you and you like them, you can hang out with their friends and not feel uncomfortable, you go on dates and spend the night at each other’s houses and there is no drama…don’t have “the talk.” You don’t want to ruin a good thing! If you are happy and there is no drama or awkwardness, keep it that way. Having “the talk” can cause tension and if the person doesn’t see it coming, there could be a bad response that may cause you two to stop talking all together.


I am making it sounds like this talk is a horrible thing. It isn’t. It just depends on your attitude and motive for your relationship. There are times where having “the talk” can make everything better for you and your partner. Let’s say for example, you notice yourself or your partner getting jealous a lot when you or them talk to other people. This may be a sign that you two should be exclusive to help solve the jealousy of random flirting. Other signs can include, moving some of your stuff into their house because you sleep there a lot, or you go to family dinners with them often. Like I said before, it all depends on the people in the relationship. If things are going good and you don’t see anything going wrong in the near future, keep your mouth shut! But if things are getting more serious, you meet their family, and are thinking you love the person, by all means take the leap. “The talk” could be the best conversation you have ever had for your relationship and happiness.

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