Going On A First Date

Going On A First Date

Good etiquettes, especially on a first date, can take men a long way, potentially away from the land of social awkwardness. The truth is that women love men who have grace and manners but still manage to be strong. Men who have a good grip on etiquette are strong men who know how they should treat a women, and they treat them right. The thing that men should never forget is that they should always try to be as natural and smooth as possible, rather than being awkward and staged.

1. Texting Etiquette

Since setting up a date requires some degree of initial communication, this is the best time for a man to start showing the woman on the other end that he is a gentleman. However, sending her texts with SMS lingo like “BTW,” “OMG” and “WTF” will never really present you as a gentleman. Therefore, it is best if full words are used and it is even better to sign off with something friendly and warm like, “Cannot wait to meet you.” Typing in proper English will make you sound like a man who is in command of himself, his language, and his style. Be yourself but think of yourself as a gentleman and the woman you are going to meet as a lady. It is better to leave the casual text banter for later, once you have met the woman and have gotten to know her and vice versa.

2. The Meet & Greet

It should be a no brainer, but you would want to refrain from lunging in for the cheek kisses the moment you meet her for the first time. In other words, you would not want to do anything that would be awkward. An excellent way to get started would with a not too firm but warm grasp of her hand, lingering while you smile, and saying “Hello,” telling her how glad you are to meet her. If you really fancy her upon first glance, being will allow some romantic tension to build up, which will be great.

3. First-Date Dinner Etiquette

You never know, you may end up eating out with her at a venue where there is a flight of stairs. If that is the case, avoid feeling tempted by the opportunity of viewing her from behind; rather take such a chance to walk ahead of her. This will likely also give you a nice moment for the both of you to touch since you can always offer you hand by reaching back. Do not forget to offer to her your date with her coat if she is wearing one, both when she decides to take it off and when she decides to put it on. When you two head for the table, should not be the first to sit down, rather offer her the best position or seat and make sure that she is comfortably seated before you take your seat. Your date will end up swooning at your chivalry and good manners if you offer her the best seat from where she can look out onto the restaurant. When it comes time to order, make sure you give your date the chance to placer her order first. Make sure the dishes you order for yourself are not infused with garlic or that there is no raw onion riddled in the salads, as it will give you bad breath, possibly ruining your first date kiss.

4. Paying The Bill

Eventually, the night will come to that point when you two will have to decide who will pay the bill. If you want to show her that you are generous and kind, and can manage things, then you should be the one picking up the bill. It will say a lot about you as a gentleman and your date will really appreciate the fact that you are being generous on your first date. Moreover, along with helping her with her coat, make sure you open the door for her when exiting the restaurant.


There are not really too many things that a man has to think about when going on a first date. However, even if these minimal etiquette tips are mastered, then men will be well on their way to establishing themselves as real good-mannered gentlemen that women will recognize.

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