Girl Talk

Girl Talk

One night my girlfriends and I were having one of our many girl talks. Being that I’m the taken one it’s always great getting my single friends perspective on certain situations. Well on this one night we brought up the subject of being allowed to have more than one significant other?

Now usually when you think of a relationship you think of a bond between two people who are going to be monogamous with one another. On occasion there are those couples that are allowed to have more than one boyfriend/girlfriend. For instance take the movie Savages. O, who played the leading lady had two lovers that were also friends. The three of them all loved each other and had an understanding. The relationship she had with the two of them didn’t destroy any of their bonds but that’s a story with a happy ending and unfortunately we aren’t living in a movie.

Relationships can be a full-time job and it takes commitment and great communication to keep things going. The person you have now decided to call your significant other becomes a big part of your life. They become your best friend and also the person you love to hate. You learn about their childhood, friends, family and all the flaws that come along with them. Once you are in a relationship things are no longer about “you” it’s about “us.”

Knowing that being in a relationship with one other person can be a great but difficult experience filled with arguments and happy times, how would you feel if another person was added into the equation? Would you even want another significant other if you were allowed or do you think it would be too much of a task to handle?

Personally I wouldn’t mind having a second partner, depending on the situation that is. Say you’re in a relationship where you’re significant other is almost everything you need but there’s just one thing missing. He/she is caring, funny, and supportive and provides but the intimacy is missing. The bedroom is no longer an experimental playground filled with hot sex oils, slow music and dim lights; it’s strictly for sleeping. It’s now turning into months that the sex is no longer coming and of course it’s becoming a problem in the relationship. Now that’s when I think it would be great to have a second partner, one who is just as fun and horny as you and doesn’t mind that you have another individual at home. If you all have an understanding it can turn into an amazing love triangle, you do what he/she doesn’t and we can all be happy.

There does come the situation when it can become a complicated situation. You get involved with someone who doesn’t think it will bother them that they aren’t your one and only BUT it will. Jealousy will begin to play a main factor in the situation. He/she will start to feel you aren’t spending enough time with them and even assume you are now claiming a favorite significant other. This will lead to insecurity and even fights between all those involved. Long story short it can turn into a disaster. I think before anyone decides to become polygamous they should sit down and have a long conversation. Come to an understanding and decided whether or not this is the life for you cause it can definitely be a blessing but also a curse.

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