Getting Rid of Bags Under Your Eyes

Getting Rid of Bags Under Your Eyes

We may feel invincible when we’re partying, but after a while, it starts to take its toll on our skin, especially our eyes. Before throwing on a ton of concealer, try these common household products to reduce the bags under your eyes. Try any of these and relax for 15 – 20 minutes to feel a little more refreshed and get rid of those unwanted bags.


Potatoes. Slice up a raw potato and place a couple of pieces over your eyes.


Tea Bags. Make yourself a nice cup of tea and then use the tea bags (make sure they’re not too hot!) and place them over your eyes. Try green tea or chamomile.


Cucumber. There’s a reason cucumber slices are used in spas and that’s because they work!


Have you tried any of these? What are some of your home remedies?

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