Fun and Flirty End of Summer Cocktails

Fun and Flirty End of Summer Cocktails

Labor Day weekend is officially the last weekend to enjoy all that is summer. School begins, the weather becomes cooler and we begin to seek that cozy feeling that comes with winter. So to help you enjoy your last week of summer, I have found some less known cocktails that will bring that summer zing to your night time experience. These drinks have that sexy summer flavor and bring back all the amazing memories you have made. Ask your bartender for one of these cocktails so you can kick back and enjoy what is left of this gorgeous summer.

1. Cucumber Cooler: this resembles a gin and tonic, but with the cool sweetness of cucumber to add that extra umph. This drink is light so you won’t feel that heavy sinking feeling in your stomach. It’s definitely smooth so you can kick back a few without even realizing it.

2. Caipirinha: this South of the border cocktail is a strong punch with a summer twist. It’s got that tart flavor from the limes mixed with the amazing smoothness of Brazilian rum. This is one of my ultimate favorites, and I definitely recommend you ask your bartender for one!

3. Zombie: this bad boy will get you going for sure! You get a taste of the Caribbean in this monster of a drink with all the rums and a hint of grenadine. Caution: some bartenders put Bacardi 151, so you will feel like the walking dead if you aren’t careful!

4. Raspberry Long Island: it’s a little twist on the original drink that is known for its simplistic sweetness. You can even try a Peach Long Island if they have it. All these fruity versions add a little pizzazz to a classic cocktail.

5. Salty Dog: with the tartness of grapefruit and the sweet bitterness of gin, this drink bursts on your palette. Topped off with salt around the rim and you get that all around flavor that still reminds you of the freshness of summer breezes.

6. Serendipity: this drink has it all—amaretto, triple sec, vodka, orange juice, grenadine. It’s a sweet retreat that will get the night started without ending it too quickly!

7. Blue Hawaiian: this cocktail is a burst of tropical flavors. From cherry to coconut and pineapple, you are able to have all these flavors in one tiny glass. Close your eyes and I bet you can feel the sand grazing your cheeks and the salt from the ocean frosting your eyelashes.

All these drinks are a little out of the ordinary, perfect to cap off a memorable summer. Labor Day weekend is just around the corner and it’s the official start to fall. So enjoy what little of summer we have left with these fun and flirty cocktails!

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