Drinks On Me (Kaboo)

Drinks On Me (Kaboo)

Two days, fifteen minutes and 53 seconds until the Kaboo Del Mar festival. I can see the excitement everywhere on social media, and for sure the hype is there. Understandably, everyone is incredibly excited for the many artists performing, as it is what makes the Kaboo del Mar festival … well just that. However, we cannot overlook another huge component of what makes it all possible, the food and drinks. You can probably guess that there is going to be a lot of alcohol at Kaboo, and rightfully so. An ambassador reached out to me in the past few days with some of the exclusive cocktails that will be available this weekend. The combination of the concerts and drinks truly cannot get much better. Cheers in anticipation to a great three day filled with fun, laughter and drinks!

Get excited, as Monkey Shoulder will be sold in a few different variations. For those of you not familiar with Monkey Shoulder, it is a mix of three different Speyside single malts, great with mixers but equally as awesome as a stand alone. There will be a Mixed Up Monkey, a combination of Monkey Shoulder, Mint simple syrup, lemon juice, club soda and mint as a garnish. There are two other Monkey Shoulder variations available: Monely Smash as well as Ginger Monkey.

As at any event, there is certainly more than one drink on site. There is also be Hendrick's Gin. The two fruity options are Cucumber Southside and Peculiar Peach Punch. That incorporates Hendricks, ginger peach tea, lemon juice, crème de peche liqueur with a dash of simple syrup. They also are providing a classic Hendrick’s and Tonic.

Furthermore, we are looking at aged rum, including but not limited to a basil mojito, Flor de Cana 12 Year old, which is poured directly from the bourbon cask using dripping dog, and not to mention a Flor de Cana and pineapple! And last but not least, Tullamore DEW Irish Whiskey. The famous Irish Mule will make its presence known on site, as well as the DEW and a Brew, a mixture of Tullamore DEW and a Blonde Ale or IPA.

Time is ticking and before we know it, the Kaboo Del Mar festival will be upon us. Who is ready, as I know I am!? Now that I have given you a taste of the future, which drink is calling your name?


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