Conversation Starters at Social Gatherings

Conversation Starters at Social Gatherings

There are two main things to focus on when thinking of approaching someone in a social gathering. You have to think of how you will be going up to them, and what you will be saying to them. Thinking before acting is always a great way to execute your strategy smoothly, leading to your goals. 

Make sure that when you approach, you say something to them that they will be interested in hearing. You also want to walk up to them in a manner that is respectful, and showing self-confidence. People will know if you are confident by the way you talk, walk and whether or not you’re making eye contact when doing so.

If you are at a bar and are trying to talk to a woman, then your strategy of getting close to her should be perfect. They key is confidence, not arrogance. Talking all the time might be a turn off for some women, so you have to know when to stop talking and start listening. If she sees your natural confidence shining through, then she will most likely want to keep talking to you.

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