Confessions of a Shopaholic

Confessions of a Shopaholic

All of us girls have seen the movie: she has a wallet full of credit cards that are completely useless from being maxed out, a house full of clothes we probably have never worn, and have bought that useless item we thought we just had to have—when really we didn’t. Being a shopaholic might be a funny topic for a movie, but it does cause some serious stress! There are months when we hide from the mailman, hoping we don’t have to face the gluttony of our spending. Here are a few tips on how to stop the addiction and gain control!


First, designate a splurge day. If you do not have a sort of schedule, you may find yourself bored and wandering over to the mall. By then, there’s no turning back! By designating one day where you can take yourself shopping, you are still able to have a blast shopping, but without the sporadic desire to purchase everything!


The next thing you want to do is think before you plastic. When you are trying on clothes, really look at yourself in the mirror. The dress might be gorgeous, but it might not really fit you, or have any purpose in the scheme of life. If you have no place to wear purple jeans, your closet—and your credit card—do not need the addition.


Another suggestion would be to bring cash. Credit cards are just like ATMs in that you can take cash out. Give yourself a budget and only bring the cash. This ensures that you do not go super crazy at the store. If you don’t have enough for your full purchase, you will have to pick between items or put it on hold for a later time. Then you might go home and possibly rethink why you wanted it in the first place.


Finally, do me a favor and strategize! When I go through fashion magazines, I make a list of all the items that I adore, from shoes to necklaces and blouses. But then I look at my closet and see how those items will work in my current wardrobe. There is no point in buying a turquoise skirt if you have nothing that goes with it! This just tempts you to buy a whole outfit. My suggestion is, if you feel like a new jazzy outfit for going out, look at dresses. They are one piece and tend to be multifunctional!


Spending money is definitely fun—you feel powerful and excited about all the amazing things that you bought. But when it comes to the end of the month and buyer’s remorse, it just causes an unnecessary headache. Because lets face it, most of us are not the Kardashians where our clothes get handed to us for free. Instead of buying that crazy pair of shoes and jeans you will never wear, put that money toward a sexy vacation in the Bahamas! That is how you take the control back!


I hope this advice helps all my shopaholics out there!


Have a wonderful Thursday,


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