Cocktails for Men

Cocktails for Men

I will be the first to admit that guys have high expectations set upon them: you are supposed to be manly men 24/7. So when you go to the bar, it can be hard to order a drink that you can actually enjoy. You don’t feel like a high ball but you’re too embarrassed to order that girly drink you are secretly addicted to. Here are some great cocktails that confirm your manhood!

  1. Manhattan: made with whiskey, sweet vermouth and bitters, this drink is a manly version of a Long Island Ice Tea!
  2. Whiskey and coke/ginger ale: no matter what combination you choose, you will get the sweetness from the soda counteracting the slightly bitter kick from the whiskey. Jack Daniels, Crown Royale and Makers Mark are great whiskeys for this drink!
  3. Tom Collins: a mix of gin, lemon juice, and simple syrup, this is a light and fruity drink that disguises itself as a simple, manly drink.
  4. Sidecar: typically shown in the hand of 1940s manly men, this combination of Cointreau, lemon juice and cognac will leave a sweet coating on your tongue
  5. Dirty Martini: with vodka and olive juice, this slightly less complicated James Bond drink is going to make you look suave, regardless of the dainty cocktail glass
  6. Patron and lime juice over ice: the tequila is super smooth while the lime juice adds sweetness to that burning zing. Make it chilled and you have a little spot of heaven!


Simple tricks to know what drinks are “acceptable” come in the form of 3 S’s: shape, shade, and substance. If it
comes in a delicate cocktail glass with a swirly stem, avoid at all costs (you will get the stray, “where’s the pinky?” comment). If it takes on a flowery hue, pass on it! And if the majority of the liquor is fruity-infused, it is probably not for you. But I would rather have you sit and enjoy your drink than have you gag on every sip of your hard ball. So try a few of these drinks and find which one you like the best. Your time for Sex on the Beaches will come when you get back home!

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