Are Smartphones Ruining our Relationships?

Are Smartphones Ruining our Relationships?

Think about it. Majority of people in the present day have phones that basically do everything for them: Internet, email, music, and an endless variety of apps. We probably spend more time using up our “unlimited” data than we do interacting with our family and friends in person. The worse thing about it is I don’t think we realize just how much we let our phones run our lives.


Of course owning a Smartphone has a ton of advantages. You can look up any website and do research, check email away from a computer, can tell your phone an address and you will be provided with directions, play thousands of games from the app store, and even look up Yelp reviews of new restaurants you want to try. Oh yeah, let’s not forget these phones still have basic features, by that I mean calling and texting. I think we rely on these phones too seriously in our life, and I am guilty of this too.


Again, think about it.


You’re bored home alone, on your phone.


 Awkward conversation at the bar, you pull out your phone.


Your parents are rambling on and on while you are talking on the phone with them, you begin texting and pulling up apps while they are on speakerphone.


You and your friend are waiting for food in a restaurant; at least one of you is only half listening to the conversation and is texting.


You are in the car with your significant other, instead of talking; both people are simultaneously on their phones with the music blasting (driver, put the phone down!).


There are so many situations where we should be interacting with the significant people in our lives without the use of our phones. Pretty soon we will be texting each other from other rooms in our homes….oh wait, I already do that! We don’t realize how much we are attached to our phones because we are so used to having them there. You know when you reach into your pocket or purse and you don’t feel your phone right away a little wave of panic rushes through you. We click the home screen button just to make our phones light up even though we know we haven’t heard it ring or vibrate for any notifications we need to check. They should just sew these things into our hands so we never have to put them down!


Some people, at least in my life, aren’t bothered by the fact that I’m on my phone 24/7, because they are doing the same thing. They don’t even notice. I definitely spend more time texting them than I do face- to-face. Don’t get me wrong, our phones are super convenient, but pretty soon it feels like we will have zero face-to-face connections with people. Real connections. Remember that your relationships and the people in your life are way more important than having the highest score in Fruit Ninja or Angry Birds (even though those games are super addicting!). So the next time one of the few people in your life asks that annoyed question, “Can you please get off your phone and listen to me?!” do it. The people in your life won’t be around forever, unlike the rapid and continuous growth of technology. We should give them our full attention and maybe we will learn something about them or hear a story that we never knew before.

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