5 Hot Outfit Options for a First Date

5 Hot Outfit Options for a First Date

Figuring out your first date outfit can be stressful. You want to snag the partner of your dreams, but don’t want to be over the top. You want to look fabulous, but don’t want to come across as someone else. Whether it’s with someone you met through a friend or Tinder, choosing your outfit communicates a lot about you. It takes just under seven seconds for someone to form a first impression. In other words, someone will decide who they think you are pretty quickly based on what you’re wearing. Here’s our advice to help you nail your first date.


The Options


·      The LBD

That sexy black dress in your closet is a classic for always feeling your best. If your date is set to be at an upscale lounge, restaurant, or estate, this is the outfit for you. It might be hard to one up this ensemble if you see your date again, but walking in the door looking like the next Gisele isn’t such a bad thing either. Making the impression of taking the time to glam up and look fit is always a homerun in our books.


·      Jeans and a “Nice Top”

Denim is all the rage this season and we’re sure that the skinny jeans we all used to own is now replaced with frayed denim skirts. Pair the flirtiest denim bottom you have with a bodysuit or off the shoulder top. You’ll look put together yet laidback, on trend, and totally chill as you flaunt your best assets. This outfit is perfect for going to a more laid back setting like a park picnic, summer sports game, or local festival.


·      Maxi Dress

If your date is going “au-natural” at a state park or beach area, wearing a breezy maxi dress is a great choice to stay comfortable and keep out pesky bugs while still looking great. Depending on your personality, you can easily pair it with platform heels or strappy sandals to round out the outfit. Your date will be bound to feed off the positive energy you’re giving off since you’ll feel like a million bucks.


·      Post-Work Posh

If you’re going straight to your date after work, you can still look flirty by pairing feminine pieces under your blazer. Wearing textures like velvet, silk, or lace under the solid piece looks striking, especially when paired with skinny jeans or leggings with heels. Not only will you look professional, but you come across as more easygoing for being able to hop from one place to the next!


·      The Night In

Say you and your date decided to stay in for a first date. We’re all for it, since who wants to turn down a free Netflix date? You don’t want to be wearing your PJs, but you want to be comfy and cute at the same time. Pop on a laidback outfit like a cozy romper, or a crop top and leggings with cutout details or fun embellishments.


Whatever you choose to wear, dress your personality. Remember that your outfit should speak about you, not for you. If you’re an edgy gal, go for pieces with stud or leather details. If you’re a free spirit, jump for fringe and whatever bright colors catch your eye. If you’re a diehard prep, don’t hesitate to wear your favorite Lilly Pulitzer or monogram shoes. Be confident and be yourself, because knows? The right outfit might come with a right match.


-Alice Trellakis 

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