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What Girls think about when they go Clubbing

We're obviously all fans of going clubbing. Otherwise, why would we be on this site? We thrive when rewarding our daytime work with nighttime amusement. It's what keeps us young and hungry for more. The experience of going out for women is an entirely different ballpark than it is for men. We like to think we can have the same experience, but when it comes to clubbing, that is pretty much impossible. And that's fine! There are plenty of benefits and drawbacks. Here are the 20 thoughts I (and most other women, I'm assuming) have on those Saturday nights we decide to parade into the glamorous club culture we have a love/hate (mostly love) relationship with. 


Getting Ready

1. Why are my fake eyelashes poking me in the eye so much? Ugh forget it, I'm not wearing them

2. Why are my friends rushing me? Why do they want to be the first ones at the club?? What happened to being fashionably late?

3. Should I go ahead and make a drink or wait until the pregame? (**makes drink and then forgets about it and finds it watered down an hour later)

4. I wonder if I can borrow that dress she wore to Miami last year

5. Alright, what is the comfiest pair of heels I can wear? HA Forget comfort. I must sacrifice comfort. It's less than 12 hours, I got this! 


The Pregame

6. Damn I literally walked in five minutes ago and I've already taken four tequila shots. Everybody STOP HANDING OUT SHOTS. I HAVE NO SELF CONTROL!

7. Well, the liquor has kicked in and I've completely bypassed the "tipsy" phase so there's no going back now!

8. Can I just take my shoes off and put them on when it's time to head out? Like is that acceptable?

9. Oh that guy over there is hot. Maybe i'll get the group to take a shot and catch his attention. 

10. Nah, too much effort. I'll do the eye thing and if that doesn't work I'm declaring this a girls night. 

11. Yay Uber is here! (proceeds to tell Uber driver entire life story) 


The Club

12. I'm glad I wore these shoes. I feel like a boss ass bitch walking in all tall. OMG what if I jinxed it? I better not trip and fall. 

13. Yay someone just bought me a drink. Annnddd now we're going to have an awkward conversation for the obligatory 15 minutes. That's okay! All part of the club etiquette. 

14. I always forget how good Vodka Red Bull is. 

15. I LOVE this song, reminds me of my 21st. Should I dance like one of those girls over there or play it cool? 

16. DANCE! 

17. Where did she go?! OMG she's flirting with that man over there. Should I go save her or let it happen..

18. Oh wait maybe she'd into him! I can't tell! I don't want to leave her getting hit on but I don't want to be a cock block either! 

19.  Oh yay bottle service! Time to sit and people watch, my favorite! 

20. Apple Ciroc is pretty damn good. Who would've thought?!

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