Girl's Night Out

Getting into a nightclub can be tough—especially if you are a man. Obstacles seem insurmountable as the bouncer denies you because you don’t have a second form of ID, you don’t meet dress code, or it’s just a flat-out “no”. You might even have bottle service and get the “Denied Access” stamp on your forehead. So what’s the deal and how can you get around it?

  1. It’s a fact of life that the entertainment industry revolves around women. How do clubs promote events? They have flyers with a beautiful woman or even a team of women as promoters. The best thing you guys can do for yourselves is to bring women with you when you go out. If there are four guys, have at least four girls! When the bouncer sees that you are bringing in women, they will wave you in—passed a big line of solo dudes.
  2. You also need to break up the numbers. Walking to the front of the line with six guys is going to get you the “no-go” shake of the head. By coming in smaller parties (with girls of course), you look less intimidating and, therefore, less likely to start testosterone-driven drama.
  3. Leave the t-shirt and tennis shoes at your bachelor pad! The strategy here is to not give the bouncer an excuse to boot you out. Wear a nice, ironed, collared shirt and some nice loafers. You may not like it but an itchy collar is better than a soar bottom because you spent the night sitting on the curb since no club would let you in! And please, please, please ditch the baseball cap! No quality club will let you in with it—guaranteed! And no, you are most likely not Tom Brady so you will not get away with it! If you need some more positive encouragement: women are attracted to men who dress well. This shows confidence and gives the impression that you are successful. Both are extremely attractive!
  4. My last piece of advice is to stay polite. If you walk up to the bouncer with an attitude, he is not going to be very understanding. A confrontational male is a red flag that says you might start fights once you’ve kicked a few back. Make sure this polite attitude is brought to every member of the staff as a bartender can kick you out just as easily as the bouncer.

If you follow these simple guidelines, you will be good to go! Remember this for the weekend: first impressions are everything. And if you are perceived as a wealthy gentleman who is a complete babe magnet, getting into the club will be a cinch!

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