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Everyone says that the first impression of some one is the most important thing. That it is forever burned in their mind of the kind of person they first thought you were. It has always been said that leaving a positive, memorable first impression of yourself is the key to building good relationships with the people you meet.  Which is true, but sometimes we don’t always act ourselves, but is that a bad thing?

A first impression is all about being yourself, right? Well we say that, but think about the majority of people you have met in your life. When you first met them you were probably overly nice to make sure they liked you. You might have even gone out of your way to make sure they felt comfortable and happy with your presence. If you were in a bad mood that day you weren’t going to let it show to some one that could become a potential close friend or even boss if you were in a job interview.

In most of the research I found it is said that,  “A first impression is a last impression,” meaning whatever that other person thought of you the first time they met you is how they are going to look at you forever. I don’t think this is completely true. I believe the first impression is more of a lasting impression. By that I mean the other person will always remember how you were when they first met you, but they aren’t going to base everything in your relationship on that one instance. People change and evolve once you get to know them better. Think about the first time you met the majority of your friends. You probably see them way differently than you did the first time you met them.

For me it is important to make a good first impression, but to also not show everything you have to offer. By that I mean, hold back a little. I typically don’t let my full personality shine through when I first meet people. If you know me well you would say I’m outgoing, talkative, and love to have fun, but from a first impression you may not catch on to that at all. When I meet people I am usually more reserved and quiet. Of course I will make conversation and be polite, but the people I meet are typically left with a sense of mystery trying to read me and figure me out.

I find acting this way leaves people more intrigued about you; they want to figure you out. As opposed if you put all your cards on the table the first time, they already know it all and can say “no, thanks” after one hang out. Now you don’t have a second chance to make another lasting impression if you really like the person. Be yourself, but don’t scare people. You don’t want to get in someone’s face and force him or her to like you. Reveal your personality in small doses and you will find that every impression you leave will be a lasting one.

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