Champagne Showers

Two words, Bottle Service. How does this not sound VIP? Dancing on tables, alcohol flowing straight from the bottle to your mouth, your own security guard and cocktail waitress, loud music, and a group of your closest friends. This is what doing it big at the club is all about. Go to any popular club in Las Vegas, Miami, San Francisco, New York, and you will see celebrities and big spenders living it up in their villas and VIP elevated, roped off areas pouring overpriced bottles of Hennessy, Cristal, and Grey Goose. If you take a look around the venue they are the ones having the most fun in the club, while every one not in VIP Bottle Service is staring and wishing they were included. This is how bottle service should be everywhere, but sadly it is not.

It seems like any bar or club recently has been trying to push bottle service, whether they have the atmosphere and space for it or not. It causes me to wonder what their motive is to start bottle service. Do they want to bring in some extra cash on slower nights? Bring up their social status to get celebrities to come to the bar? Or is it a follow the leader kind of deal? Everyone else is doing it so we might as well try! You want to feel special and well taken care of if you order bottles at a club, but some bars just don’t care. They pull a couple of velvety couches together, slap a beaded table cloth on a dusty table they pulled up from the basement, and hand you a warm bottle with some cranberry and orange juice. The location of this “VIP” area is questionable also, with some locations right next to the open patio with cigarette smoke wafting in, or located almost in the complete middle of the dance floor with people running into you and even dancing on the guys to try to get a free swig of liquor. It doesn’t seem necessary to me. Have the means, space and atmosphere for a nice and secluded VIP area, or don’t bother.

Instead of these bars trying to promote their bottle service, they should invest money in making the whole establishment feel VIP and upscale. That will bring in more customers overtime that are willing to spend more money at a place that feels expensive and chic, without paying $300 for a table, some chairs and one bottle of alcohol in an awkward location.

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