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One of the most important things you can do when you are at a bar or club is treat the staff with the utmost respect, especially your bartender. If you want to be treated and seen as a VIP, it is essential that you take care of the bartender just like they will take care of you for the rest of the night. It’s all about good, friendly conversation, great tips, and a joyful attitude.

Whenever you are standing at the bar in a crowded place do you ever notice that one person that is screaming and waving at the bartender but they are just being completely ignored? That is because they have done something to piss the bartender off. Either they were rude, too drunk, or didn’t tip well. Trust me, a fair share of my friends are bartenders and I have heard first hand that they can be picky about who they serve. They tell me that they will take longer to help someone that has been indecisive about their drink choice all night or someone that decides to leave a miniscule tip or not one at all. Of course, they also take longer to help the person that is in their face flagging them down every 5 seconds, it is irritating and disrespectful.

It doesn’t even matter what occupation you have, if someone is in your face being rude, you won’t want to help him or her at all. It’s all about being respectful and courteous. I’m sure you see how busy bartenders are on a Friday and Saturday night. Typically they don’t even have time to say more than “Hi” and “Thank you” before you have your drink in hand and they are on to the next person. They probably won’t recognize you by name the first time they serve you for the night, but they will remember you if you leave a hefty tip. I’m not saying you need to throw a $50 bill at them for every drink you order, but even tipping $20 on your first round can catch their attention and make the night more enjoyable for the both of you.

The key lesson from this blog is “Take care of your bartender and they will take care of you.” Meaning, if you are respectful and pay attention to their needs, (typically tips) they will do the same to you. They will remember you as the friendly tipper and they will want to help you faster knowing that you aren’t stingy like half the other people in the establishment. Sometimes even if you are a mediocre tipper, but you take the time to strike a conversation with the person and compliment them on their mixologist skills, they will also remember you because your personality stands out and you aren’t just another hawk trying to snatch up their prey (drinks, of course).

Just remember the next time you are out that the bartenders have a big role in how your night will end up. They have control over how strong, cheap, and delicious your booze is for the night. Make them happy so you can enjoy your evening and want to frequent the club often to see your favorite bartender that serves you quickly with possible discounts on your tab. Everyone knows there is nothing better than cheap, strong drinks at the bar!

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